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Samed Güner, M.Sc.
Yajing Liu, Dr.

Research Assistant

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TUM Campus Straubing
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Since 11.2021: Research Associate at the Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources, Technical University of Munich, Straubing, Deutschland

2017 – 10. 2021: Doctorate at the Chair of Microbiology, Technical University of Munich, Freising, Deutschland

Thema der Thesis: Identification and analysis of novel bacterial enzymes for pectin degradation (Chair of Microbiology, TUM, Prof. Wolfgang Liebl)


2014 – 06. 2017: Master major: Microbiology, College of Animal Science and Technology, Southwest University, China.

Thema der Thesis: The roles of NLRP3 inflammasomes in inflammatory reaction of macrophages induced by bovine


2010 – 06. 2014: Master major: Biological Engineer, College of Life Sciences, Nanyang Normal University, China.




The aim of my project is to produce UV-crosslinkable acrylated exo-polysaccharide (EPS) for developing a new generation of bio-based coatings. It includes:

  1. Metabolic engineering of microorganisms.
  2. Engineering of acetyl transferases.
  3. Conducting fermentation processes to produce modified EPS, which will be used for coating testing.



Liu Y, Vanderhaeghen S, Feiler W, Angelov A, Baudrexl M, Zverlov V, Liebl W: Characterization of two α-l-arabinofuranosidases from Acetivibrio mesophilus and their synergistic effect in degradation of arabinose-containing substrates. Microorganisms 2021, 9(7), 1467.

Liu Y, Angelov A, Feiler W, Baudrexl M, Zverlov V, Liebl W, Vanderhaeghen S: Arabinan saccharification by biogas reactor metagenome-derived arabinosyl hydrolases. Biotechnology for Biofuels 2021, under review.

Fang R, Lei G, Jiang J, Du H, Liu Y, Lei Z, Ye C, Li N, Peng Y: High- and low-virulent bovine Pasteurella multocida induced differential NLRP3 inflammasome activation and subsequent IL-1beta secretion. Vet Microbiol 2020, 243:108646.

Fang R, Du H, Lei G, Liu Y, Feng S, Ye C, Li N, Peng Y: NLRP3 inflammasome plays an important role in caspase-1 activation and IL-1beta secretion in macrophages infected with Pasteurella multocida. Vet Microbiol 2019, 231:207-213.

Fang R, Wu R, Du H, Jin M, Liu Y, Lei G, Jiang B, Lei Z, Peng Y, Nie K et al: Pneumolysin-Dependent Calpain Activation and Interleukin-1alpha Secretion in Macrophages Infected with Streptococcus pneumoniae. Infect Immun 2017, 85(9).


Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources

Schulgasse 16
D-94315 Straubing


Prof. Dr. Volker Sieber

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