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Samed Güner, M.Sc.
Ammar Al-Shameri, Dr.-Ing.

Research Assistant

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TUM Campus Straubing
Schulgasse 16
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Schulgasse 16, Room: 1.A07



  • Since September 2020: Research assistant at the Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources
  • 2016 -2020: PhD at the Department biochemistry for gas-converting biocatalysts, TU Berlin, Thesis topic: “Powering biocatalytical reactions with hydrogen”.
    • 4th place top researcher climate change, Berlin
  • 2013 – 2016: Master’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology, TU Berlin
    • 2014 – 2016: Laboratory assistant at Charite Berlin, Institute of medical and human genetics
  • 2010 – 2014: Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, TU Berlin
    • 2012: Industrial internship Environmental Biotechnology UG Berlin
    • 2014: Member of iGEM, TU Berlin


I am working on hydrogenases, these biocatalysts are very interesting for sustainability because they can produce and use green hydrogen. In my research I couple hydrogenases with other enzymes in enzymatic cascades for the production of fine chemicals or for the production of green hydrogen from biogenic resources like sugars.  At the same time, I try to optimize the properties of hydrogenases such as activity, stability at high temperatures, and the broadening of the substrate spectrum by enzyme engineering. Furthermore, I am working on the establishment of enzymatic flow systems for the production of fine molecules


  • Ammar Al-Shameri, Niels Borlinghaus, Leonie Weinmann, Philipp N. Scheller, Bettina M. Nestl and Lars Lauterbach, 2019, Green Chem., 21: 1396–1400
  • Borlinghaus N., Weinmann L., Krimpzer F., Scheller P.N., Al-Shameri A., Lauterbach L., Coquel A.-S., Lattemann C., Hauer B., and Nestl B.M. 2019 ChemCatChem 11: 1-7
  • Ammar Al-Shameri, Marie-Christine Petrich, Kai junge Puring, Ulf-Peter Apfel, Bettina Nestl and Lars Lauterbach, 2020, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 59: 10929-10933
  • Ammar Al-Shameri, Sébastien J.-.P. Willot, Caroline E. Paul, Frank Hollmann, and Lars Lauterbach 2020, ChemComm 2020 56: 9667-9670.
  • Christian Johannes Schipp, Ying Ma, Ammar Al-Shameri; Federico D’Alessio, Peter Neubauer, Roberto Contestabile, Nediljko Budisa, Martino Luigi di Salvo, 2020 ChembioChem


Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources

Schulgasse 16
D-94315 Straubing


Prof. Dr. Volker Sieber

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Team Assistant

Elisabeth Aichner

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