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Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources

The Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources at the Technical University of Munich in Straubing deals with the development of chemical and biotechnological processes for the conversion of plant biomass into chemical raw materials, biofuels and fine chemicals. Protein biochemical (enzymes engineering, enzymatics), molecular biological (cloning, mutagenesis), microbiological (biotransformation, fermentation), chemical (organic synthesis, heterogeneous catalysis) and analytical (chromatography, spectroscopy, electrophoresis) methods are applied.



An excellent dissertation

An excellent dissertation

Straubing.On January 17, 2021, Samuel Sutiono was able to complete his doctorate with the title “Development of decarboxylases and dehydratases as valuable biocatalysts for the production of fine chemicals with “summa cum laude”.
We are very happy that he will stay part of our team.

Successfull PhD

Successfull PhD

Straubing. Tobias Gmelch has successfully completed his PhD with the title “Development of a cell-free enzyme cascade for the production of L-alanine”.

We wish him much success on his further path in life!

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We are currently looking for several new team members:


Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources

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Prof. Dr. Volker Sieber

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Elisabeth Aichner

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